Montello - il bosco dei dogi

Centro sportivo HOF

Centro sportivo HOF

Inside this sport gym called Montello there is also a Sport Center, with a concentrated of sport and wellness where the tourists and local people will find the right answer for all their sporting and relaxation needs, whether it is summer or winter, with good weather or rain.

The Centro Sportivo HOF (Sport Center) is based near the historical center of Nervesa della Battaglia in a beautiful and scenic landscape.

The 2 swimming pool are maintained at a temperature of 28°. The indoor swimming pool has 6 lanes and it is 25m long, with a depth of 130cm and an outdoor solarium. For children or for rehabilitation from injury there is a 10m long swimming pool with a depth of 60cm.

In addition to the swimming that has always been considered the most complete sport, there are many offers: the gym with weight room and fitness; the wellness with turkish bath, sauna and showers; and the services for cyclists with parking, refreshment and shower.

The activity of free swimming and gym are available during the entire opening of the Centre, which is open daily from 9:00 to 22:00 (Monday and Thursday from 7:30 am). Closes at 19:00 on Saturday and Sunday at 12:30.

Centro Sportivo Hof
Via Carrer, 7 a Nervesa della Battaglia - Tel. 0422-8853466