Montello - il bosco dei dogi

The Potatoes of Montello

Patata del Montello

According to tradition, the Napoleonic troops, at the beginning of the 19th century, introduced the cultivation of potato in the Montello Hill. More precisely, in the villages of Biadene, Caonada, Venegazzù, Selva, Bavaria, Santa Croce, Santa Maria della Vittoria, Pederiva and Santi Angeli.

However, we can talk about real cultivation only from the end of the IXX century. During the course of the 1900s new varieties of potatoes were introduced with very good results.

The peculiarity of Montello potato is due to the nature of the Mediterranean-colored soil, which is ferretized, for the dissolution of the limestone, and clayey, so it keeps moisture for a long time, and accompanies it ideally the ripening of the tubers.

Many culinary magazines have repeatedly emphasized the peculiarities of this product, which duly accompanies the recipes typical of mediterranean cuisine.

Since 1996, "Potato del Montello" is marketed with registered trademark and its production and sale is governed by a strict discipline managed by the Montato Consortium of Potatoes.

During 1900 new varieties were introduced and are nowadays highly requested even by people living far from the area.

These are the varieties grown in the area:

  • Bintje – yellow, medium/late season potato, with irregular shape and suitable for all types of cooking.
  • Liseta – yellow, early season potato with irregular shape and suitable for all types of cooking.
  • Monalisa – yellow, early/medium season potato, with regular shape and suitable for all types of cooking.
  • Desirèe- yellow, late season potato with reddish peel, it’s quite firm and can be eaten fried or sliced. It lasts all winter.
  • Kennebec – big, white, late season potato, great for gnocchi or mashed potatoes.
  • Cornetta del Montello
  • Anais - early season potato, yellow, suitable for all types of cooking.
  • Chèrie - early/medium season potato, yellow, red skin, suitable for roast.
  • Luciana - early/medium season potato, dark yellow, suitable for all types of cooking.

The red earth in the area is full of iron and clay and can hold humidity for a long time creating the perfect growing environment for potatoes. Many cooking magazines have highlighted the specialty of this product.

Characteristics of the Potato del Montello Carantina

Composition %: Water 69%; Glycides 27%; Proteins 1,8%; Cellulosa 1%.

Vitamins (mg): A 20 u.l. ; B1 0,50 ; B2 1 ; B5 0,50 ; B6 0,40 ; B9 0,10 ; C 0,15.

Mineral Elements (mg): Calcius 30 ; Phophorus 80 ; Sodium 38 ; Potassium 531 ; Magnesium 46 ; Chlorine 49 ; Sulfur 177.